RiseUP Stars
Inspiring future generations to stay active
and empowering children to thrive through
Sports, Dance, Yoga and Movement
Empowering future generations to move and thrive
At RiseUp Stars, we’re on a mission to help kids stay active, happy, and healthy by using movement, dance, yoga and sports as a catalyst to empower kids to discover their inner strength and make each kid shine!
  • Leading provider of movement and sport enrichment
    Our programs are designed to provide a fun, non-competitive and engaging way for students to stay active, exercise their bodies and minds, and develop new skills with their peers outside of the classroom.
  • Unique curriculum & life long impact
    Our unique curriculum make classes fun and engaging for children and instill a love for learning. We are driven by the belief that a positive experience with sports can make a lasting effect on child’d life.
  • Extended learning and enrichment beyond school hours
    Our popular after-school programs extend your child's learning with high-quality curriculum and opportunities to exercise both body and mind.
  • Individual Approach
    Each class is different and focuses on helping kids develop their strengths, leadership abilities and express themselves.
Our Most Popular Programs
Through yoga, dance and sport classes, we want to add much-needed movement to children's lives and empower children by fostering leadership and self-confidence
  • Creative Movement Dance
    Head coach
    Get ready to move and groove! In this interactive movement and dance class, students will experience different styles of creative movement and dance (ie. hip hop, creative movement, rhythm-based movement, yoga and more). Students learn to do more than just follow. They’ll learn how to express themselves through movement.

  • Yoga & Movement
    Assistant coach
    In the classes we combine physical movement, yoga, music and games. Each class focuses on fundamental movement and motor skills. Through movement, children will work on coordination, balance, flexibility and strength. The program also helps children discover their creativity, uniqueness, strengths, mental and physical health, and connect their mind and body.
  • Multi Sports
    Goalkeeper coach
    Young athletes have fun improving their speed, agility and fitness and participating in a variety of sports and physical activities. Multi-sports includes playing and learning sports that focus around sportsmanship, teamwork, building friendships, and of course, FUN! Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, and many other popular games are included!
  • Hip Hop Dance
    A fun exploration of Hip Hop dance for new dancers! Hip Hop is a high-energy class that introduces students to the fundamentals of Hip Hop culture including concepts like, breaking, popping, locking, house, etc. Classes will encourage students to develop musicality and artistry through grooves, across-the-floor exercises, and choreographic phrases.
  • Basketball
    Learn the basics of basketball through fun skills, drills, and games. We will learn the fundamentals of dribbling, passing and shooting while also building teamwork and sportsmanship. This course is designed as an introductory course to the game of basketball.
  • Tennis
    Improve coordination, concentration, focus, and independence while playing tennis. Kids will learn new skills, play group games, begin to rally and become better athletes, while having fun learning a sport they can play for a lifetime!
  • Soccer

    Learn the fundamentals of soccer - the most popular sport in the world! Players learn how to pass, receive, dribble, goal keep, and defend.

    Students build a strong foundation for soccer and work on mastering technique. Students learn the importance of nonverbal communication in soccer by playing in teams, while also improving footwork and foot-eye coordination.

  • Volleyball
    RiseUP Stars Volleyball takes the energy and excitement of this great team sport and puts it all together into one fun-filled program. All aspects of the game are taught through drills and exercises that focus on bumping, setting, spiking, hitting and serving. This program is designed for the beginning to intermediate player.
Programs for all ages

From toddlers to middle schoolers, we offer programs for all ages and stages

Pre-schools & Elementary schools
Children 3 – 12 years
PreK-5 grades
Middle Schools
Teens 13 - 15 years
6-8 grades
3 core values of our program
Through our programs we provide tools for children to be positive, peaceful and productive
Developing physical strength and stamina
The program focuses on improving balance, flexibility, brain-body coordination and physical strength.

As children develop focus and awareness of their body, they also improve their overall well-being.
Developing greater emotional stability
We teach self-regulating techniques that are incredibly important to thrive in today's world and are necessary to cope with ADHD, anxiety and stress.

Children will learn mindfulness tools for quieting and focusing the mind that they can use at home, school or anywhere else.
Developing a strong sense of self
Self-empowerment, self-confidence, positive attitude - these are just some of the things that we focus on as we teach our program.

We encourage creativity and independent thinking through engaging activities, discussions, stories, and games.
Benefits of RiseUP Stars Movement & Sports Programs
Our caring team positively impacts children’s lives through best-in-class coaching and curriculum
and sets up children for future success in life.
Self expression
  • Program Details
    • Program runs on School's schedule, typically 6 to 14 weeks.
    • Classes meet once per week and run 60 minutes.
    • Classes typically include 5-20 participants.
    • Although we prefer grouping kids by grade, we do allow mixed-age groups.
    • We have enough curriculum to never repeat the same lesson twice.
    • Our curriculum includes exploratory and educationally-based activities aligned with the CASEL Social-Emotional Learning Standards.
  • Program Cost
    The cost varies according to the package you select and the duration of your program. Most often, parents pay for the program, though some schools subsidize it in part or in full. It is important to note that we have never encountered an impossible funding situation – we find a way to empower kids and teens no matter what.
  • What you get

    (1) highly qualified instructor per group of children

    (1) weekly themed activities

Bring our programs to your school!

Our Impact in Numbers
  • 1,700+
    Students served in 2022 and 2023
  • 110+
    School and community partners
  • 20+
    Locations in 10 states nationwide
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The revolutionary new science of exercise and the brain explains how physical activity and movement affects learning process

Sports and movement programs contribute to lower risk of disease, improved emotional health, increased focus and learning, and other qualities that contribute to a better life. New science of exercise and the brain explains how physical activity and movement affects not only physical health, but also mental health and improves the learning process inlcuding academic performance.

The bestselling author and renowned psychiatrist John J. Ratey, MD released a book called Spark about the groundbreaking and fascinating investigation into the transformative effects of exercise on the brain filled with amazing case studies (such as the revolutionary fitness program in Naperville, Illinois, which has put this school district of 19,000 kids first in the world of science test scores).

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